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Welcome to Direct Cellars Wine Club! 

Direct Cellars Wine Club - Tipsy Vintners

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The Wine Club is a hassle-free trip to Boutique Wineries around the world – delivered right to your door!  We like to think of it as a Wine-cation.  And everyone deserves a Wine-cation!  Uncork, Sip and Unwind.

Get Wines from Boutique Wineries around the world

You never know what amazing wines will show up in your monthly delivery – but don’t worry! They’re all hand-picked by the Direct Cellars experts.  Still worried you won’t like the wine?  If you don’t like a selection you can ask for a replacement!  It’s a no brainer! Get Wine Delivered.  Drink Wine. Refer your friends and DRINK FOR FREE!

Yes, you did read that right and it is definitely the BEST reason to join! If you refer 3 friends you get your wine for Free!  Yes, it really is that easy.  Click here for the details!

Refer 3 friends and Drink for Free!

Direct Cellars is the Wine Club that focuses on exploration, discovery and education. You will receive premium wines from wineries around the world along with tasting notes and info on who makes the wine, how and where each is crafted.

The Wine Club helps you discover regions and varieties you love and may not have known before – with the option of then stocking up on those new found wines you can’t live without – at Club Cost! Now that’s an exciting deal! Pair that with just 3 friends and you drink for free and you have yourself a WINE CLUB!   Not just a wine club…it’s a WINE CLUB!!

There are several ways to join this Wine Revolution! The Wine Club is available in a 2 bottle or 4 bottle package options – and the referrals for free wines work with both! Love Reds?  Get all reds in your shipment! Prefer White Wines? Get all whites delivered.  Want to try everything? Get ½ red and ½ white and explore the world through Wine.  There’s no commitment, no worries, and you can drink for free!  Click here to get started!

Red and White Choices for your monthly shipping

As mentioned our commitment is to the Wine Club Members. When we say no worries with the Wine Club it means you’ll never get stuck with a bottle of wine you don’t like. Just let customer service know you didn’t like one of the selections, and you’ll get a full credit for another top wine, shipped directly to your door. No extra cost to you, guaranteed.

Tipsy Vintners

The last way to get involved with Wine Club is through the business opportunity.  Love Wine and extra income?  Ask us about becoming a rep and earning money! You don't need to be a wine aficionado – you just need a passion for trying new wines and enthusiasm! Just share your passion of wine with others and watch what happens!  It’s so easy…everyone loves wine!  Want to know more?  Feel free to call Sonja or Ursula at 702-366-0399 or click here.  Send us an email at SipHappens@tipsytotes.com.

Imagine enjoying your wine and taking that dream vacation.  It can happen! Opportunities await with the Direct Cellars Wine Club.

     Fun Facts for Wine Lovers

Here’s a couple Wine Fun Facts for you to ponder on the business side.

  • US wine sales approached $60 billion in 2016.  As a Direct Cellars Rep, YOU get a portion of those sales. There aren’t many companies that actually allow you to sell wine legally without a license and store.  This is a fantastic opportunity to do what you love and earn Free Wine and an income.

  • Roughly 79% of US market averages $10 per bottle. According to Nielsen (2017) volume grew at double digits in the following categories: $11-$14.99, $15-$19.99, $20-$24.99, $25+, but only at 3.2% for $8 -$11.99 and negative growth below $8 per bottle. This means more consumers are appreciating better wines! The Direct Cellars source these boutique wines for you and offer discounted rate to Club Members.

  • Furthermore, 120 million Americans drink wine – approx. 36% of 330 million (Nielsen, 2017). And of those about 38% drink weekly. (Does this number seem low to anyone else or is it just us?)


The Five Most Popular Wine Varietals/Styles are the following. This is expected to continue in 2017, though chardonnay is not growing as fast as the other categories. (WBM, 2017). 

  1.  chardonnay
  2.  cabernet sauvignon 
  3.  red blends
  4.  pinot grigio 
  5.  pinot noir 


Nielsen (2017). State of the Industry – What’s Selling. Presentation by Danny Brager at Unified Wine Symposium. Sacramento, CA: Jan. 25, 2017.

WBM (2017). Retail Sales Analysis – Off Premise Wine Sales up .08 Percent. Wine Business Monthly, Feb. 2017. P. 142.


Tipsy Vintners Wine Club

We cannot offer free shipping on Wine Club...Sorry!  Refer 3 friends and you drink for FREE! That's an AWESOME deal!