Cowboys NFL BBQ Apron
Part Number:3600-1
Together Forever My Love
Part Number:56005
Denim and Tan Suede Western Boot
Part Number:700
Cheetah Diva Tote with Black Fur
Part Number:800-19
19th Hole Golf Koozie
Part Number:1308-2
Hot Pink Sequin Koozie with Fur
Part Number:1304-1A
The Caveman Apron
Part Number:3008
The Betty Stone-Age Tiger Apron
Part Number:3007
Football Coaster
Part Number:42001
Football Beer Koozie
Part Number:1312
Cheetah Bustier Double Wine Carrier
Part Number:150
Silver and Black Satin Bustier Purse
Part Number:2114
The NEAT Taster's Tote
Part Number:
Hog Wild Wine & Spirit Tote
Part Number:56001
19th Hole Golf Wine & Spirit Tote
Part Number:41101
Sexy Stiletto Wine Tote in Cheetah
Part Number:402-B6
Tipsy Bombshell Diva Full Bottle Cover
Part Number:1801-7
Zebra Bustier Purse
Part Number:2109

A Wine Tote Is A Unique Gift Idea

Our wine totes come in a wide variety of innovative designs and are best described as gifts for those who have everything. Let's be quite honest, you can carry a wine bottle or two in a supermarket plastic bag; however, isn't it so much more elegant when going on a picnic, to a friendís for dinner, or giving wine as a gift, to display it in something beautiful that adds to the splendor of the occasion?

Tipsy Totes's luxury wine totes aren't just for transporting wine, they make a statement. They are an accessory you don't leave your wine without. It is somewhat like the difference of leisurely dining on Boeuf Bourguignon served on fine china with a perfectly paired glass of wine in a romantic restaurant versus having a burger and soda at a fast food joint. In both cases you are eating beef, but there really is no comparison. You can gift someone a bottle of wine in an unoriginal wine bag, or you can present them with a personalized expression of caring with a Tipsy Tote.

We have a wide range of wine totes for him and for her, some of which have been recycled so they may differ slightly from the patterns shown, depending on the availability of materials. It's great to know that not only do you have a truly unique item, but at the same time you are doing your part for the environment.

You can have a wine tote bustier in a wide range of styles in different materials from a soft pink with lace edging to a "showgirl" model in black velvet with bright red feathers. She's designed to stand at attention and get noticed, with her Swarovski crystals, has chain handles. She will carry two bottles of wine or most 750 ml spirits bottles.

For him, there is a pair of kilt design totes in blue and white, or red and black tartan each with a sporran. Designed with your favorite scotch in mind, the sporran will also hold your cigar cutter and matches so everything you need is at hand.

Then there is the fisherman's wine tote which is ideal for the fisherman or hunter in your life. It will hold two magnums or the beverage of your choice and has pockets for a wine or beer opener, car keys, wallet and even something you hope you will never need - bear spray.

There are totes in the style of a stiletto boot in cheetah finish or burgundy snakeskin - very sexy designs for her. Diva totes come in gold with black sequins, black satin with hot pink, red or purple feathers and a number of other finishes.

We also have double wine totes that hold two bottles, plus a pair of glasses - just the thing for a moonlight evening on the beach in style.

So go on, dive in and have a look at our wide range of unique wine totes. You may find the one that is perfect for you, or that special someone. Make your friends envious with your unique wine tote and amazed at how stylish you are.


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Tipsy Totes is a new twist on gift giving with its extensive line of handcrafted, luxury bottle carriers and wine bags.† With their innovative designs, the talented artists at Tipsy Totes create custom pieces for everyone from the casual wine drinker to the wine enthusiast.

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